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What to expect: A producer takes your style and taste into consideration and designs the look of your entire event, meeting with all vendors on your behalf and becoming your point person for the planning process.

Best for: A bride/client who has no time. Be prepared to entrust the producer as well as your input and creative designs to bring your dreams to a reality

Cost: Generally a flat fee.


What to expect: A coordinator can recommend vendors, accompany you on appointments, and negotiate contracts. He or she would then schedule and supervise the entire wedding/event day.

Best for: A bride/client who wants to take an active role in planning but would like help along the way.

Cost: Usually a flat fee or a percentage of the wedding budget.


What to expect: This planner gets involved up to a month before the wedding/event, touching base with suppliers and ensuring that details are in order. A day-of-planner also coordinates and manages the wedding-day/event schedule.

Best for: A bride/client who can oversee details herself but wants someone around to make sure things run smoothly.

Cost: Generally a flat fee for the wedding day, and additional fee for time before that.


What to expect: An hourly planner meets with you to assist you with any aspect of your wedding.

Best for: A bride/client who has only one or two issues to address, such as finding vendors or location for your event. Certain professionals can simply provide you with recommendations for various vendors including caterers, musicians and florists. A bride/client who needs some assists finding suppliers or locations.

Cost: Per hourly, and most planners have a two or four hours minimum.